About the Artist

SARA BENNETT has been a public defender specializing in battered women and the wrongly convicted, the author of The Case Against Homework, and the founder of  Stop Homework. Her photo essay, Spirit on the Inside: Reflections on Doing Time with Judith Clark, was selected for the 2014 INFOCUS Juried Exhibition of Self- Published Books at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Her first Life After Life in Prison exhibit examines the lives of four women as they returned to society after spending decades in prison. It has been exhibited more than fifteen times, and featured in, among others, the Metropolitan Section of the New York Times, PBS New Hour/Art Beat and the Marshall Project.

The Bedroom Project is the second in the Life After Life in Prison series. It has been featured on PDNs Photo of the Day and in the Last Look column of Governing magazine.

Like the women she photographs, Bennett hopes her work will shed light on the pointlessness of extremely long sentences and arbitrary parole denials.

To bring Life After Life in Prison or The Bedroom Project to your community, including lectures or panel discussion with the subjects, please contact: