About the Traveling Exhibition

Life After Life in Prison examines the lives of four women — Tracy, Evelyn, Carol, and Keila — as they return to society after serving anywhere from 17 to 35 years in New York State’s maximum security prison for women. While each of their stories is unique, they illuminate many of the problems inherent in today’s criminal justice system.

The 32 large format prints are available as a traveling exhibition. Sara Bennett can conduct a panel conversation with her four subjects, who will talk about their experiences re-entering society after decades behind bars.

For more information, please contact Sara Bennett: sara@stophomework.com.


The room was hot, but students, faculty and outsiders alike sat and stood wherever they could, all attentive and fascinated.... “I think students are hungry for real things,” said [Dean] Kessler, “things that bring what they’re learning in the classroom in contact with something concrete.”  — The Purchase Beat,  September 16, 2015.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.... I am a state court judge in Wisconsin and I know that it is important to think about the human story of every person who comes before my bench. — MH, W83 Gallery guestbook, NYC 

Your stories of these remarkable women moved me to tears.  — LB, W83 Gallery guestbook, NYC

This is an incredibly moving exhibit, giving voice to the voiceless. — W83 Gallery guestbook, NYC